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CODE : 113 Ankle Brace is used for the treatment of Ankle Sprain, it also compresses & protects the lower leg and Ankle within the regular Shoe.

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CODE : 115 PTB Brace Permits joint mobility and early return to normal activities. Optimal control and molding through soft-tissue compression. Comfortable ¼” foam lines anterior shell.

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CODE : 116 PTB Brace With Foot plate is used for lower one third tibia and fibula and/ or fibular fractures for limiting ankle movement viz. Inversion, eversion and plantar flexion. Foam Lined, preformed PTB Brace provides intimate contact needed for effective support in tibial fractures. A bilateral upright foot component to add medial lateral support...

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CODE : 117 An ideal brace for treating fractures of Femur after removal of plaster cast when the process of fracture union is in the last phase.

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CODE : 118 To release flexion contracture to prevent buckling of the knee and to stabilize it. Also used post-operatively Works to treat joint stiffness and improve range of motion.

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CODE : 119 INDICATIONS FOR USE his brace is used to manage Knee Valgum & Knee Varum deformity.Used for controlling a “knock kneed” deformity.Used to control “bow-legged” deformity such as Blount’s Disease or Tibial Vara in pediatrics.The knee can be locked in a standing position.Used in Osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid deformities.This brace is...

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CODE : 120 This Splint is mainly useful when the disease is active and deformity is slight. It is very effective in children in preventing deformities concerning lower limbs.This Splint is for correction of axial deformities of the knees, keeping them solidly in the night with the help of our splint.

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